I was born in Madrid. 

My mother was a painter and my father was an architect. I grow up surrounded of nice books and great people. It was easy living till my parents got separate. I was close to ten years old. I started drawing and painting when I was two, or three years old. It always helped me to find a way out to the stupid things around me. I also make judo since 4 years old, it also helped me much. And when I discovered Skateboarding, it really helped me to know I was different, strong, fast and creative. I beacame spanish Champ in Half Pipe and skated with some of the best skateboarders of the world.  

I finish high School with 15 years old and started working to help mama. At the age of 16 I start my career as profesional Illustrator. At the age of 17 I went to New Yersey for a work that never became. It was the first time i saw clearly how stupid some people can be. They fobbed me.

Anyway, I keeped myshelve in there for six months and I draw some of the best drawings of my life. I also draw naked people for first time at the Mercer County Community College.

My life was not easy and too much time alone thinking about life, love, families and friends....cosmos...and eternity. I belive. I am not a common person, I know. I love myshelve and others. I love nature, sports and interact with everyone (not always :). I have been always on move, travelling. Not as much as I woulded like. I have make only four or five art expo. I would like to make much more. I surf first time when I was 13 years old, and when I was 19 I moved from Madrid to San Sebastian (noth of Spain) and started surfing almost everyday and I want to do it till the end of my days in this life..Surf changed my life and always inspired me. 

I never care too much about popularity, but now I want to. I am finishig my first book of illustrations and I want it to show all around the World. It has been a long way till now, I worked a lot. I will keep on.

 Taking a walk in Bangkok.

Painting Surf table.
This is me.

My brother, Josito and me. Lost in Maldivas.

Working in my book. Bali 2013.

North 2 Fackie. I was sponsored by Santa Cruz Skateboards, Madrid, 1990.

I used to play Fronton with my father.

Barreling Kamikaze Style.

Skateboarding in Madrid. Sindical Park. 1989.